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Core Matter
Aligning climate solutions with human systems through collaboration, creativity, research, and play.

Food waste is one of the top bananas in global emissions.

By: Dana Hoffman

What images come to mind when you think about climate change and its impacts? Belching smokestacks, perhaps? Polluting car tailpipes, maybe? Flooded out seaside towns?

Or rather, that banana that was on your counter for several weeks before you got around to eating it, turned brown and limp, and ended up in the trash. (We’ve all done it one time or another!)

That banana in the trash is as big a part of climate change as that coal plant. The World Wildlife Foundation estimates that in…

When the world is in chaos, design and a bit of hope can provide a path forward.

By: Shannon McGill

The sky was orange.

A few months ago, I stood in my kitchen, my hands in the sink washing dishes. I listened to the late, great congressman and civil rights activist John Lewis in conversation with journalist Krista Tippett. As the sudsy water flowed over my hands, the wildfires raged a few hundred miles away. They’d soon bring smoke-filled skies that would keep us indoors for weeks.

For the moment, John’s words soothed my nervous system, nestled their way into…

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